• Oct 2022 - Sep 2023
    Web Developer

    Led the development of two major web projects, amplified user engagement by 40% within the first three months through highly responsive and user-friendly interfaces, utilizing Gatsby and Next.js.

    Integrated advanced UI libraries such as MUI and Mantine UI to deliver aesthetically pleasing and functional web components.

    Collaborated closely with the graphics team to convert Figma designs into precise, optimized React code, ensuring fidelity to formulate specifications and boosting user experience.

    Managed content integration and dynamic web content delivery using Contentful CMS, optimizing content workflow and website performance.

    Actively participated in daily scrums, propelling the team toward adopting Scrum practices to boost project agility and achieve timely delivery of development milestones.

  • Oct 2020 - Sep 2022
    Software Specialist

    Developed React applications that boosted e-commerce customer satisfaction by 25%, reducing page load times by 50% and enhancing the shopping experience.

    Pioneered and managed the development of wireframes in response to company briefs, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and user experience goals.

    Addressed issues with shipping and tracking by creating web application software using React and API services.

    Developed user interfaces with modern JavaScript frameworks, HTML5, and CSS3, which improved user experience.

    Created Zendesk applications to streamline and improve the efficiency of procedures for the customer service department.

    Managed and scheduled E-mail campaigns on Klaviyo to provide the most returning customers and highest engagement.

  • Jan 2016 - Current

    Delivered 15+ multi-browser compatible websites, achieving a 30% increase in client reach and a 20% uplift in user retention through optimized performance and accessibility.

    Crafted custom website solutions, focusing on high-efficiency designs that ensure rapid loading and tailored layouts to meet precise client specifications.

    Implemented and maintained layouts to meet usability and performance requirements.

    Consulted with customers to effectively streamline projects based on their needs.

    Spearheaded the production of page content, including visuals and text copy, to meet project specifications.

    Partnered with web designers to innovate and refine UI designs, emphasizing sleek aesthetics and user-centric functionality.

    Planned and engineered RESTful web services to manipulate dynamic datasets.

    Tested websites and performed pre-deployment troubleshooting.

    Conducted unit testing to deliver optimal browser functionality.